ReUpdate:Finally uploaded some of the beach pics that summed up our trip. We enjoyed the beach, as well as downtown Myrtle, a little amusement park, and of course some great food.

This is an update from the Ali welter Modeling team. We will be trying to get new stuff on the site soon. Right now we are enjoying a week in Myrtle Beach, so we will post pictures on the site.

Thanks for viewing our site and being patient.

~Ali Welter Modeling Team

Pink Sunset
Frozen Lemonade on the Beach
Bird in the Storm Clouds
Gorgeous Sunset from the Condo
Pranking the sis' :)
Pier next to Downtown Myrtle

Summer is coming soon so most people are now looking for a good swimsuit that complements their bod! Well here are some good suits for your body types!

Small Bust: Fringe top

Larger Tummy: High waisted bottoms

Large bust: Halter top

Curvy all around: Tankini

Petite: String bikini

These are not my photos just wanted to show some possible ideas! Feel confident in no matter what you are wearing!

~Ali Welter Modeling Team

Small Bust
Fuller Stomach
Large Bust
Curvy All Around

We are going to take it back and show you how to do a 60s dolly bird look (one of Ali's favorites).


1.Apply eyelid primer

2.Use a blending brush and put white eyeshadow all over lids

3.Take a smaller brush and apply black eyeshadow in creases starting from inner corner going out

4.Line top of lashlines with a black liquid liner making it slightly thicker in the outer corner

5. Put white eyeliner along your lower waterline then black eyeliner on your lower lashline

6.Apply voluminous fake lashes or if you don't have any apply many coats of black mascara (Retro Glam by Rimmel reccommended) For the bottom lashes paint them using liquid liner (very difficult!) If you think it's too hard you can place single fake eyelashes one by one and space them a little bit apart

7. Finish off with some peachy-pink blush or a pale pink lip gloss

Picture credits to: Makeup is Art book by aofm


Get to Know Ali is a new series of blog posts so you can learn more about me!(Ali)

Today's post is What's on Ali's Iphone?

Social Media:

Instagram is a favorite because I love posting photos of amazing scenery, modeling pictures, and everday life!

Twitter is also used a lot because I love reading the funniest tweets

Snapchat is also an app I like to use to send funny pictures to my friends

Photo Editing:

PE-Fotolr is one of my favorites because it has so many functions like beauty editing, tons of filters, and borders!

Visage Lab is also a great app to use for editing a selfie

Whitagram is one I use often to add white borders to my photos and make my photos instagram size


Pandora is my favorite music app. I love listening to certain artists/genres stations and you can go on other apps while using it!


PumpUp is my favorite workout app because you can customize workouts based on what equipment you have and what area of the body you want to work on.

Buzzfeed is also an app I am constantly looking at. I love taking all of the quizzes and reading the stories dealing with celebs, life hacks, and more!

I am no way affiliated or sponsored by any of these apps I just wanted to share some of my favorites with you guys!



Spring is approaching and that means spring break is too. Now is the time to be planning your spring break vacation! Here are some gorgeous places to travel to that members of the Ali Welter Team have traveled.

1. Sanibel Island- Small island in Florida with cute beaches, shops/restaurants, and fun activities like segwaying, parasailing, boat rides, and going to the nature preserve.

2. Vancouver, Canada- Not your typical spring break vacation. Beautiful city in Canada with great fashion. You can climb mountains and also see amazing totem poles.

3. St.Maarten/St.Thomas- Gorgeous islands in the Caribbean with excursions like snorkeling. Beautiful beaches there with not too many people.

4. Hermosa Beach area- Beautiful beach in southern California. Ride your bike along the beach, play sandvolleyball, or just enjoy the beautiful sunset. This is a laid back area and is irresistable.

5. Siesta Key- One of the nicest keys in Florida. Of course there are many restaraunts and little shops, but the beach is what's amazing. The beach has amazing soft, white sand perfect for relaxing on, playing frisbee,

or ping pong on. The water is great for swimming too.


We want to wish everyone a happy Valentine's Day full with lots of love!! We will be adding more polls and quizzes soon!

~Ali Welter modeling team


A lot of people wish they could rock a red lip and they can with the right shade of lipstick!

Right Color for Different Skintones:

Fair: Blue-based cherry reds

Olive: Brighter reds with orange-undertones

Medium: Brownish reds or reds with blue undertones

Dark: Deeper reds and bright reds both look great

Once you Choose the Right Shade Here are the Steps you Should Follow:

1. Moisturize- apply a lip balm to prevent cracked lips

2. Outline- only if it is the same or a close shade to your lipstick

3. Lipstick- apply lipstick

4. Gloss- apply a lipgloss if you want a little extra shine

Recommended Red Lipsticks:

1. Mac Viva Glam | - intense brownish blue-red

2. Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella- scarlet red

3. Rimmel Moisture Renew in Red Alert- bright medium-red (* More affordable option)


Today, February has official started and that means Valentine's Day is approaching. If you are looking to throw a big V-Day party or hang out with a few of your friends there are so many perfect ideas for Valentine themed snacks. Here are some ideas for you all:

1. White chocolate covered pretzels with pink sprinkles

2. Chocolate covered strawberries

3. Heart shaped cookies with pink icing and sprinkles

4. Valentine's Day themed cake pops

Things a little fancier:

1. Rasberry filled or red velvet cupcakes

2. Rasberry Fudge Torte

3. Strawberry mousse dessert cups

4. Decadent cherry or rasberry mousse brownies

You can find most of this lovely recipes and a tons more at


Leather items are very popular right now. Everyone needs a leather clothing article in their closet. Instead of wearing a plain black skirt, wearing a leather skirt adds a little more excitement and edgyness to your outfit. Or how about wearing a jacket with leather sleeves instead of wearing a plain colored jacket. Leather is a must need right now and makes outfits way more chic and interesting.