Get to Know Ali is a new series of blog posts so you can learn more about me!(Ali)

Today's post is What's on Ali's Iphone?

Social Media:

Instagram is a favorite because I love posting photos of amazing scenery, modeling pictures, and everday life!

Twitter is also used a lot because I love reading the funniest tweets

Snapchat is also an app I like to use to send funny pictures to my friends

Photo Editing:

PE-Fotolr is one of my favorites because it has so many functions like beauty editing, tons of filters, and borders!

Visage Lab is also a great app to use for editing a selfie

Whitagram is one I use often to add white borders to my photos and make my photos instagram size


Pandora is my favorite music app. I love listening to certain artists/genres stations and you can go on other apps while using it!


PumpUp is my favorite workout app because you can customize workouts based on what equipment you have and what area of the body you want to work on.

Buzzfeed is also an app I am constantly looking at. I love taking all of the quizzes and reading the stories dealing with celebs, life hacks, and more!

I am no way affiliated or sponsored by any of these apps I just wanted to share some of my favorites with you guys!


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