We are going to take it back and show you how to do a 60s dolly bird look (one of Ali's favorites).


1.Apply eyelid primer

2.Use a blending brush and put white eyeshadow all over lids

3.Take a smaller brush and apply black eyeshadow in creases starting from inner corner going out

4.Line top of lashlines with a black liquid liner making it slightly thicker in the outer corner

5. Put white eyeliner along your lower waterline then black eyeliner on your lower lashline

6.Apply voluminous fake lashes or if you don't have any apply many coats of black mascara (Retro Glam by Rimmel reccommended) For the bottom lashes paint them using liquid liner (very difficult!) If you think it's too hard you can place single fake eyelashes one by one and space them a little bit apart

7. Finish off with some peachy-pink blush or a pale pink lip gloss

Picture credits to: Makeup is Art book by aofm

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