Finally July fourth is here! This is a great time to try out some new patriotic nail art.
You can do something simple, like painting your nails red,white, and blue, alternating colors for each nail. You can also try something a little more complicated like this picture on the left. Try painting red and white strips on each nail and add a blue color to the top. Finish off by carefully drawing white stars on the blue polish using a thin nail brush or using a nail art pen. If the stars are too difficult, you can also use stickers of stars to put on the tops of your nails.
For an in depth tutorial look below.

Step 1:Apply one white stripe in the middle of each nail
Step 2:Apply two red stipes to the outer sides of each nail
Step 3:Apply a curved blue stripe to all of the tops of each nail
                                                                     Step 4:Draw on tiny white stars on the blue polish only, using a nail
                                                                                 pen or slim nail brush
                                                                      Step 5:Let your nails dry for at least 15-30 minutes till completely
                                                                                  dry and your design will be complete!
                                                                      PS.Let your nails dry before applying the blue polish and the little
                                                                            white stars

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