Im sure some of you may know the band Karmin,who just released the song called Brokenhearted, which I'm sure you have already heard. The girl always has her bangs in a roll called the Karmin Suicide Roll. Here are instructions on how to do this hair-do.

1.Brush your hair out smoothely
 2.Straighten your bangs if not already straight
                                            3.Take your bangs in front and pull up the rest of your hair in a poinytail or bun
                                            4.Take a comb and start teasing strands of your bangs and spray each piece with
                                                hair spray
                                            5.Smoothe out your bangs with your hands and brush them lightly
                                            6.Make sure your bangs are pulled to the front then grab them and make a little ball                                        on the top of your head
                                            7.Then use the ends of your bangs by swirling them around in a circle inside the roll/ball
                                            8.Finally,take some bobby pins and pin them on the roll so it stays in place.
                                            9.Take out your poinytail and your done!